Our instructors are state certified in their areas of instruction, ranging from new driver training to seasonal driving awareness. Their main goal is to not only give you a certificate at the end of your course, but to also leave you knowledgeable about new laws, safety measures and driving effectiveness.

Chez Driving School has been a leader in driver education courses for new and seasoned New Jersey drivers. We pride ourselves on offering the most up to date, state-certified lessons, to improve your quality of driving while teaching you confidence, defensiveness and alertness while on the road.

Everyone who wants to earn a New Jersey driver's license needs to pass the New Jersey written test. We provide assistance to prepare you for your DMV written Test.

Chez Driving School LLC is proud to service the New Jersey area. We strive for affordable excellence service and we are patience with each driver that we train

Our experienced instructors are prepared to take each student by the hand, from their very first time behind the wheel till the time they get their license, and beyond. We genuinely care about our students’ safety and want everyone to have a pleasant and enjoyable experience learning to drive.